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Opposition party backs Lungu China trip

DEMOCRATIC Assembly (DA) president Maxwell Mwamba says President Lungu’s trip to China was a necessity that has paid positive dividends for the Zambia.
Mr Mwamba said in an interview from Mkushi yesterday that the president’s trips abroad are beneficial for the country.
He suggested, however, that the US$130 million investment agreement signed with China should be subjected to an “established understanding’’ of joint venture partnerships.
He said the key thrust of the investment strategy should be premised on the need to deliver inclusive growth and job creation which should lead to improvement in the quality of lives for the people.
“The neo-colonial mentality that disregards the promotion of foreign and domestic capital partnerships in various businesses should be rejected to the end,” Mr Mwamba said.
He called for the creation of a Ministry of Business Development and Citizen Empowerment that will focus on development of the local business sector.
Mr Mwamba said 95 percent of the local economy is foreign investment driven hence the need to create such a ministry.
“We desire to change the pattern and involve Zambians to take a broader part in our economic activities and deliver a Zambian-led economic alternative,” he said.
Government recently secured US$130 million from China under a concession of loans and grants, out of which US$130 million will be channelled to the Zambia Information Technology Authority or construction of communication towers.
And Zambians living in Mali on Wednesday sang songs of praise for President Lungu, reports STEPHEN PHIRI from the capital Bamako.
The Zambians, mostly women, described President Lungu as a visionary leader.
“Ifintu ni Lungu. Ifwe ni ba Lungu chabe,” the women sang as they raised the fists, which is the Patriotic Front symbol.
One of the Zambians Emeliya Bwalya said Zambians living in Mali are happy with the election of Mr Lungu and will rally behind him and his administration because he has vision for the country.
Ms Bwalya urged Zambians to work with Mr Lungu and the PF Government to develop the country.
She said only Zambians can develop their country through hard work and unity.
“Zambians should not be used and misled by politicians whose aim is to discredit Mr Lungu and his Government. We as Zambians here have been following the happenings back home and we are disappointed that some politicians want to condemn everything Mr Lungu does without any basis,” Ms Bwalya said.


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