Letter to the Editor

Opposition parties’ failure to produce alternative policy

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my opinion on the behaviour of the opposition political parties in our country.

Opposition parties are very important for growth of democracy and equally responsible in upholding the best interests of the people of the country by providing checks and balances.
Unfortunately, the opposition at the moment in our country is like they don’t know their pivotal role. They are just busy insulting the current leadership, provoking the situation and disturbing the peace in the country. One of the chronic problems of the opposition parties in Zambia is their failure to forward distinct policy alternatives to the voters and that’s what they are supposed to be doing right now before the general election in 2021.
Political parties, which are led by single individual leaders usually do not offer alternative policies to the voters, but emphasise the ability of the opposition party leader to run the government better than the incumbent party and the government leaders. If ruling politicians are failing the people, it is the responsibility of the opposition to step in, in a credible, robust, articulate, clear and coherent manner, to provide alternative policy options on how to deal with the challenges that confront the country.
The Zambian opposition parties should offer their alternative policy and explain to the people how they would do things differently. In other words, they should explain their policy alternatives for education, health care, children, the elderly, unemployment, poverty, agriculture, and so on. I am a strong advocate of democracy and the rule of Law and all loving Zambians should be.
God bless this great country.
Chartered Accountant

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