Opposition inconsistent, says Kambwili


SOME opposition political parties have expressed concern over the creation and re-alignment of four ministries but Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said opposition political parties are being inconsistent in their claims because the splitting of ministries is what they have been pushing for.
In his reaction, Mr Kambwili called on opposition political parties to be consistent and objective.
“This has been the talk in Parliament, this is what they are pushing for in the draft constitution to increase MPs from 150 to 270.
They want to appoint cabinet ministers from outside National Assembly. They are also pushing for the establishment of national provincial assemblies. How is that cutting down on costs?” Mr Kambwili wondered.
In an interview, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said the decision by President Lungu to increase the number of ministries will subsequently result in more public expenditure.
However, Mr Mwanza commended the President for splitting the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development into the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development and Ministry of Energy and Water Development.
MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda said the decision to create more ministries would be a cost to tax payers, charging that the move was aimed at soliciting support for next year’s elections.
Christian Democratic Party (CDP) leader Danny Pule commended the President on the development adding that most ministries were too large to effectively carry out their  mandate.
Dr Pule was, however, quick to note that the move will require more resources to manage and result in an increase on the cost of running government.
And UPND Chairperson for Information and Publicity Charles Kakoma wondered the possibility of cost effective operations in Government to eliminate waste and abuse of public resources when more ministries had been created.

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