‘Opposition has role to question Government’

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) says the role of opposition political parties is to question the government of the day, hold them accountable to the public and not boycotting national events including Presidential parliamentary sessions.
UPND Southern Province chairman who is also member of the party’s central committee Robert Mukengami said the opposition is responsible for challenging government policies and producing alternative policies where appropriate.
“As a major opposition party, UPND is responsible for representing the opposition at state functions, meetings with dignitaries and other important events,” said Captain Mukengami in an interview.
He said any government in a democratic state has to remain answerable to the people at all times and that a good opposition must put a spotlight on various issues and have them resolved.
“There can only be one President at a time and [President] Edgar Lungu is the current [Republican] President who must be recognised by everyone,” he said.
Captain Mukengami described the move to boycott the presidential address by UPND members of Parliament as folly.
He said UPND MPs should provide checks and balances to the Patriotic Front led Government.
“It is sad that UPND MPs are not saving the people who voted for them…how will they explain to the electorate in their constituencies if they boycott sessions? The President touched on a number of pertinent issues in his address which are equally important to UPND members,” he said.
Captain Mukengami said the electorate who sent the opposition MPs to Parliament must “open up their eyes” and see that the people they voted into office don’t want to represent them.
“There cannot be Parliament without a President and it is not right for parliamentarians to boycott Parliament whenever there is a Presidential address, how will they debate the pronouncements?” he asked.
Captain Mukengami advised UPND MPs not to waste time in boycotting sessions but instead focus their energy on telling the people what they will offer the country once voted into office.
He urged Speaker of the National Assembly to use Parliamentary standing orders to discipline all MPS that boycotted the presidential address because it is the second time they are behaving in a similar manner.
“UPND members must be taught a lesson because they are behaving as though they are not in Zambia,” he said.

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