Letter to the Editor

Open letter to President Lungu

GREETINGS Your Excellency,
Sir, I am writing to you concerning the arrest of my brother, Victor Siamuzoka, aged 31, under the charge ‘Defaming the President’s name’.
Your Excellency, my brother found a post on Facebook that appeared to be defaming your name and all he did was to share it on a few groups on Facebook. However, he is not the author of the shameful words but he just shared what he saw. As we know, Facebook is a platform where people get to socialise with different people (sharing all kinds of things) and, in this case, my brother did that without knowing he was committing a crime.
He has admitted having shared the post that contains shameful language concerning you, sir, but he was not aware that he was committing a crime, and from the bottom of his heart he is asking for your forgiveness.
Please, Your Excellency, I am begging you on behalf of my brother to please forgive him.
He has two children and a pregnant wife, who is close to delivering, and, worse still, our old mother has high blood pressure.
So sir, with all due respect, I ask that you understand that the people who are going to be affected by this punishment my brother is facing include our poor old mother, who is suffering from high blood pressure, his pregnant wife, who will soon give birth, and his children, who are still young and innocent.
Please sir, I beg you to understand and please forgive my brother as I know you to be a true Christian, who means well for the nation.

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