Letter to the Editor

Open letter to Lusaka mayor

Dear editor,
YOUR worship, Wilson Kalumba, kindly respond to this concern regarding street lighting in Lusaka.

We have noted with delight works by Government, especially the rehabilitation of the road network infrastructure. However, as a council, I strongly feel you are letting down the government.
How can a city go nearly pitch black during night-time? How can the council allow darkness in some parts of Independence Avenue, especially nearer to State House?
Recently, we saw AVIC International erecting poles and there was light at the end of the tunnel, but suddenly they seem to have malfunctioned. Your explanation ‘bwana’ mayor?
Generally, your city is dark in many places, including the Great East Road. The route from the international airport is dark too and riddled with potholes. What impression are you creating for first-time visitors?
Your traffic lights malfunction at every single drop of rainwater. We wonder whether it is the engineering which has now become a challenge, or it is the attitude of your staff members, or is it management failure or the lack of it?
Along Cairo Road, the trees have been obstructing lighting at night because they have overgrown. Has trimming and pruning of branches and figs become a new challenge for the council?
Where is your parks and gardens superintendent?
Kindly give us feedback on these concerns, your worship, the mayor of the great city of Lusaka.

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