No one will starve, assures Veep

NO ZAMBIAN will die of hunger as long as the Patriotic Front is in power, Vice-President Inonge Wina declared in Parliament yesterday.
Mrs Wina said Government has distributed relief food to 48 districts where there is hunger but will on Monday once again distribute more relief food.
She was responding to Luena Member of Parliament Getrude Imenda (ADD) who said there is hunger in her constituency.
“Mr Speaker, there is hunger in Luena. Is the government distributing relief food selectively?” Ms Imenda asked.
But the Vice-President said her office can avail records showing that relief has been distributed to Luena and other parts of the country.
“We do not choose who to give relief food to. We look at the vulnerability of the people or community,” Mrs Wina said.
She said the Disaster Mitigation and Management Unit is closely monitoring the hunger situation in the country.

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