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Oldest man to marry dies at 102

MUSHIBA Imonda with his wife during their wedding ceremony.

MUSHIMBA Imonda, the man who caused a media frenzy in 2013 for marrying at the age of 98, has died in his village in Moole, Mongu, after an illness.
Mr Imonda, who has been on record as the oldest man to remarry in Zambia, was 102.
Western Province permanent secretary Mwangala Liomba said in an interview yesterday that the provincial administration was awaiting the funeral arrangements to be set by the family before coming in to help with logistics.
“Yes, I wish to confirm the death of Mr Imonda. Right now we are taking the widow and other mourners to the village,” Mr Liomba said.
Mr Imonda leaves behind a widow, Sitali Kalaluka, 92, a daughter and a grandson.
And a family spokesperson, Dorothy Kaumba, who is Mr Imonda’s cousin, says the death of “the celebrity” of love had left a big gap in the family.
“I feel so bad to lose bo Imonda.
“He was the pillar of our village and now we will have no-one to turn to for advice and many things,” Ms Kaumba said.
The wedding of the couple made sensational headlines across the country.
They separated for three decades but decided to re-unite.

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