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OC wows Florida on New Year

Zambia’s singing sensation OC Oscillation (Obrian Chitongwa), wowed Zambian and East African fans in Orlando, Florida where he held a show on New Year’s Eve.
The artist, who sings mostly in Swahili, English, Nyanja and Bemba, ushered his fans into 2015.
Fans from East Africa were able to relate with OC through Swahili songs such as Wangu Ni Wangu, Wache Waseme and Rafiki. The venue of the show, Singh’s Roti Shop n Bar was filled to capacity by excited fans who danced their way into the New Year with OC, who is also famous for his dancing prowess.
Show organiser DJ Oblack said OC gave his best during the show and there was not a dull moment the entire night.
“OC put up a splendid performance. This show was better than the show he had right here four years ago. We hope to have him back soon,” he said.
In the meantime, OC will continue with his tour of the USA where he is also expected to hold shows in Pittburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta.
He has just finished working on a new song ‘Mafolo’ which will be featured on the OC USA 2015 album.
The artist, has great admiration for US President Barack Obama. His company, Obama records, is named after the distinguished statesman whom he first met while working and living in Tanzania a few years ago.
OC is busy in studio recording songs and videos and is expected back in the country around April.


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