Letter to the Editor

Nyirenda recruitment, Bravo GBFC!


Dear editor,
I wish to commend the Zambia Army for engaging Wedson Nyirenda as coach of Green Buffaloes Football Club (GBFC). The recruitment of Nyirenda has demonstrated the army’s desire for Buffaloes to excel.
Nyirenda is an experienced coach who will change the mentality of the players and give them the urge to become winners.
However, the army should know that the arrival of Nyirenda is not enough. The new coach ought to be given cash to buy a few quality players to reinforce the squad.
George Lwandamina nearly made it at Buffaloes because he was able to bring in players of his choice.
So, Nyirenda should be given a free hand to bring in up to five players to come up with a dream team.
Besides that, Nyirenda should also play the role of a trainer-of-trainers by mentoring some coaches attached to the various army clubs.
Nyirenda’s vision should flow through his assistants and to the clubs under the army.
We look forward to the 2015 season.

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