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NRFA introduces discounts for toll gate users

NRFA Road Tolling Corner
THE National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) is set to implement the local road user discounts for motorists who reside within a 10 kilometre radius of a toll gate, effective 1st January 2017.
This initiative, which is contained in Statutory Instrument number 85 of 2016, allows eligible motorists with small vehicles to only pay K2 for single passage or K50 for the whole month, while light vehicles with 2–3 axles will pay K15 for single access or K450 for the whole month.
Local road users will be requested to complete an authentication form in which they will be required to attach copies of utility bills such as water, electricity bills or land rates and prove vehicle ownership by attaching a copy of the white book.
The following terms and conditions shall apply:
1. The NRFA establishes these terms and conditions that govern the use of the local user discount and requires that account holders or customers accept them.
2. Proof of residence within a radius of 10 kilometres of a toll plaza must be attached to the application form
3. Proof of vehicle ownership should be attached and failure to do so renders the application null and void
4. The local user discount relates to the motor vehicle indicated in the application and is not transferable
5. The application is for designated small vehicles and light vehicles of 2–3 axles
6. Once the local user discount has been granted, the beneficiary agrees to pay the toll access fee as determined by the Agency
7. The NRFA will provide the beneficiary with a local user discount disc which should be duly displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle
8. Use of the discount system is limited to customers who join the programme and maintain their account in good standing.
9. Use of the discount in good standing means a customer who has been granted the local user discount status uses the system in accordance with the Local User Discount Programme Agreement and Road Tolling Regulations.
10. These terms and conditions, together with the application form, constitute the Local User Discount Programme Agreement.
11. The Local User Discount offer naturally expires with a change in vehicle ownership. It is therefore the responsibility of the licensed owner to promptly notify the NRFA of such change of motor vehicle ownership for purposes of revocation of the local user discount application forms for the Local User Discounts are now available at the NRFA offices on Plot number 33 Fairly Road Ridgeway area Lusaka, and at all operational toll stations in the country.
The Agency is also considering the introduction of Frequent User Discounts to mitigate toll charges for road users who access toll stations every often.
Should you have any questions or clarifications regarding Road Tolling please do not hesitate to contact us using: National Road Fund Agency, P.O Box 50695 Lusaka. E-mail

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