Northern Tourism Circuit appeals for visitors

THE Northern Tourism Circuit (NTC) has appealed to Zambians to take keen interest in visiting tourist sites in the northern region to enhance the growth of the industry.
The recently established circuit comprises Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern and Northern provinces, where some of the tourist attractions have remained unexploited.
Speaking at the on-going Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola, NTC chief regional planner Mwaka Kayeye said the northern circuit has several tourist attractions where people can spend quality time with their families.
“Just in the Northern and Luapula provinces, we have 14 waterfalls. We also have the second largest waterfalls in Luapula Province, which is Lumangwe falls. There is a lot to see in the northern region in terms of tourism,” Ms Kayeye said.
She said Zambians should start appreciating local tourist attractions to promote domestic tourism.
Ms Kayeye said NTC has over the past few years seen an increase in the number of tour operators establishing hotels and lodges in places where tourist sites are located.
She said Government is also rehabilitating roads leading to tourist attractions to enhance the growth of the industry in the area.
Ms Kayeye also said NTC is marketing the untapped natural resources in the region.
“We are doing a lot to ensure that the tourist attractions that are in the region are put on the market. We are distributing brochures in schools and in some public places for the people to know where these magnificent waterfalls are located,” she said.

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