North-West Water to improve supply

THE North-Western Water Supply and Sewerage Company (NWSSC) has procured a loan worth 1.8 million euros from Investrust Bank Plc to aquire and instal a modern water production plant to mitigate the erratic supply of water in Solwezi.
NWSSC managing director Arnnot Chilwesa said the water utility acknowledges the erratic water supply in some parts of Solwezi because of low production due to Zesco load shedding, technical and operational challenges and low cash-flow due to huge unsettled bills.
This is according to a statement issued yesterday by NWSSC public relations officer Barbara Sianyabo.
“As an organisation mandated to provide water and sewerage services to the entire province, we have procured a loan worth 1.8 million euros from Investrust Bank to finance the Solwezi water supply upgrade project to mitigate the power, operation and technical challenges the company is facing in water production and distribution,” Mr Chilwesa said.
He also said part of the funds will be used to procure and instal two diesel generator sets to mitigate the intermittent power outage and regulate voltage at its installations to enable the company to function continuously at full capacity.
“This massive project to be completed by third quarter of this year is aimed at increasing our water production by 70 percent to ensure stable continuous supply for much of the population to access clean and safe water for at least 16 hours per day,” Mr Chilwesa said.
“We are also utilising our storage facilities to store and ration water during periods we are unable to produce,” he said.
Mr Chilwesa thanked its customers for their continued support and appealed to those with unsettled water bills to ensure all arrears are paid to enable the company to continue operations and service the loan it has acquired meant to improve service delivery.

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