North-West gets broadband internet services

ZESCO Limited has extended broadband internet services under its subsidiary, Fibrecom network to North-Western Province to enhance services following the connection of the province to the national electricity grid.
The Fibrecom network will improve several services provided on the network  by the company’s partner internet service providers (ISP), mobile service providers and government entities.
Zesco public relations officer Henry Kapata said in an interview on Monday that mobile service providers are expected to have cost-effective, dependable and robust backbone communication carrier.
He said this will allow service providers to deploy latest mobile telephone services such as high quality uninterrupted voice calling, high speed broadband 3G internet and data.
Mr Kapata said the service will enable internet service companies to establish fast and reliable internet distribution in North-Western Province to allow people and commercial entities to access communication services.
“The province is now connected to fast broadband internet from anywhere in the country and the world through direct international links, via one of the many Fibrecom international gateway interconnection points at Katima Mulilo (Namibia), Kazungula (Botswana) and Nakonde (Tanzania).
“The network expansion also allows Zesco to provide improved services to customers, by connecting directly to the Zesco BIS [Business Information System] network, allowing superfast electricity purchases and real-time synchronisation of new customer service applications,” Mr Kapata said.
The Fibrecom arrangement will further enable institutions such as the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) in the province to issue motor vehicle road tax and fitness certificates promptly at the provincial offices.
Mr Kapata said this is because the provincial offices will be synchronised online with the Lusaka headquarters which houses the main computer systems.
“The extension of the network also brings a technical advantage to Fibrecom, by creating network rings that will allow redundancy to be achieved, further enhancing the availability and uptime of services across the whole Zesco Fibrecom network.
“As fibrecom continues to enlarge its footprint across the country as shown in the Zesco optic network 2016 schematic, it will bring with it technological benefits and enhancements to citizens that will be paramount in developing the country and enhancing information communication technologies development,” he said.

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