North-West elders commend Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu with Chief Mumena (right) and Zambia Cooperative Federation executive director James Chirwa (centre) during the commissioning of a solar-powered milling plant at Kambazhi Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Solwezi West yesterday. PICTURE: SALIM HENRY/ STATE HOUSE

THE North-Western Province Council of Elders has praised President Lungu for, among other things, accelerating development in the region.
Chairperson of the Council of Elders Lucas Chikoti told President Lungu in a half-an-hour meeting here yesterday that people of North-Western Province are happy with his development drive.
“We are happy with the development we are seeing here. Works on the Chingola-Solwezi road are a reality and so are township roads throughout the districts,” Mr Chikoti said.
He said the Patriotic Front (PF) has gained a lot of ground and momentum in the province largely because of President Lungu’s loving nature.
“You have done very well as President of this country. You are a loving and caring leader,” said Mr Chikoti, who was flanked by 16 other elders.
He appealed to the President to expedite the setting up of a railway line, which would accelerate development.
Mr Chikoti, also informed President Lungu that the Council of Elders will embark on a rigorous tour of the province to promote peace as the nation heads towards the general elections this August.
“Your Excellency, as elders in this land, we have agreed to embark on a tour of the province to promote peace and unity as we go to elections,” Mr Chikoti said.
President Lungu says he loves the people of the region despite them not having voted for the PF.  He is hopeful that this time round more will vote for the PF.
“I am a firm believer in the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto, and I love the people here because they are Zambians,” President Lungu said.
He expressed gratitude to the Council of Elders saying the monopoly of wisdom does not lie with leaders alone.
“We have a national cake to share and there are competing needs in all sectors. That is why we want to grow our economy from within. And this province is rich in agriculture, mining and tourism,” President Lungu said.
President Lungu returned to North-Western Province yesterday to a rousing welcome by the residents of Solwezi who the head of State told that Zambians are one people and must, therefore, reject tribalism.
“I am back! I belong to you and you belong to me. We are one family,” President Lungu declared.
“I owe you a duty to serve you. I am your servant. You do not owe me anything,” President Lungu told the cheering crowd that came to receive him.
President Lungu encouraged the people to always thank God for the peace Zambia is enjoying.
And giving him a brief about the political mood in the province, Patriotic Front provincial chairman Emmanuel Chihili said the party is growing rapidly.
He said enemies of democracy and development have exaggerated issues on ethinic differences in North-Western province.
“Differences happen in every family, but it is not as bad as has been portrayed. We all love each other here. Luvale, Lunda, Kaonde and all tribes found here are one people and we believe in the `One Zambia, One Nation’ motto,” Mr Chihili said.
He said most people in the province regret not overwhelmingly voting for President Lungu in last year’s poll and are now eager to vote for him convincingly in the August poll.
Mr Lungu is accompanied by Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri, deputy PF spokesperson Frank Bwalya, his special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda and other senior government and party officials.

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