Letter to the Editor

Noise pollution in Lubuto west

Dear editor,
I WRITE to complain about the noise pollution we are being subjected to by some bars that are operating in Lubuto West here in Ndola.
These bars are operating outside the confines of the law because they remain open late into the night and continue to play very loud music.
To make matters worse they put sound boxes outside.
What I know is that these bars are supposed to close somewhere around 22:00 hours but the opposite happens.
Some of them are so arrogant that they continue to play so called music very loudly that it makes it very hard for us to sleep.
The question is: Who do they play this music for? People who are drinking inside or the community?
This also makes it difficult for our school going children to study at night.
Please Ndola City Council assist us by ensuring that these bars operate within confines of the law.

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