No more old untrained watchmen

PRIVATE Security Companies Association of Zambia president Francis Mukuka (left) with former second deputy Inspector of Police - Operations Malcom Mulenga after a meeting.

IN THE sprawling Mtendere township in Lusaka, near the main market, Chrispin Hambaza, 43, and other security guards of his age are preparing for night duty. It is 18:00 hours.
All school leavers, the security guards look energetic and they consider their work no child’s play.
They are all well- trained, equipped with the latest security techniques to match the sophisticated crimes prevailing now.
A decade or so ago, the scenario was different.
Retired old folks, some as old as 70, would be seen preparing to take up their posts along shop corridors or at offices every evening.
A small number of aged security guards still remain among the ranks but stakeholders want the practice of old men guarding premises to come to an end.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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