Nkhuwa on Zambia’s energy fix

MINISTER of Energy Matthew Nkhuwa (centre) during an on-spot check at TAZAMA fuel Depot in Lusaka

ZAMBIA’s power sector is at present heavily dependent on hydro-electric power, which is not adequate to meet peak demand. Like other sub-Saharan African countries, Zambia has been hit by a power deficit due to recurrent poor rains resulting in low water levels at Kafue Gorge Power Station and Kariba Dam, the major sources of hydro power.
In 2015, the country was severely hit by the power deficit, which crippled the smooth running of businesses. Today, the country is again faced with a critical energy shortage that has disturbed both the formal and informal sectors.
Minister of Energy Matthew Nkhuwa, in a question-and- answer interview, explains Government efforts to address the energy deficit which has resulted into long hours of load-shedding, lasting about 15 hours or more per day. He explains the importation of power and other measures that Government is putting in place to respond to the power deficit.
Q: Government has started importing power from Eskom of South Africa. How much power are we importing and CLICK TO READ MORE

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