Letter to the Editor

Nkana, Zesco should exhibit maturity

Dear editor,
ZESCO United and Nkana renew their rivalry when they meet in the 2019 Confederation Cup at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.
This derby has generated a lot of interest across the continent.
It is therefore imperative for players and supporters from both clubs to restrain themselves as much as they can because the whole of Africa will be watching.
As Zesco and Nkana trek into Levy, they should always remember that we are a Christian nation and it should show tomorrow.
This group favours the two Zambian clubs because CAF has done them a huge favour. Instead of flying, Zesco and Nkana will spend very little on fuel and accommodation as either club will just drive to the rivals’ venue.
The two clubs could not have gotten a fairer draw than this which also has Ghanaian and Sudanese opponents.
Zesco and Nkana can both qualify for the quarter-finals as things stand.
Rather than trade insults or throwing of missiles, let the camaraderie spirit fill the atmosphere.

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