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Nkana, allow Walter, Kampamba to go

Dear editor,
I REFER to yesterday’s story on the back page of the Zambia Daily Mail in which Nkana have snubbed offers from Belarus and Israeli clubs.
Nkana are entitled to refuse to release the players because they need Walter Bwalya and Ronald Kampamba for the 2017 soccer season which they hope to win.
However, before turning down such offers, Nkana should have sat with the players to analyse the pros and cons of leaving the 12-time Zambian champions.
The players have dreams which they wish to fulfil and the executive cannot make unilateral decisions on behalf of the players.
Having failed to win the 2012 Super Division championship, the best Nkana should do is to allow the players who are wanted by foreign clubs to leave because stopping them from doing so is doing a dis-service.
They may not play the 2017 season whole-heartedly.

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