NHA to upgrade township houses

NATIONAL H o u s i n g Authority ( N H A ) which has r e v i v e d its research and development (R&D) unit to identify areas in all towns for the construction of houses will soon embark on the upgrading of houses in shanty townships.
This is in response to President Lungu’s directive that NHA should construct 10,000 houses countrywide.
NHA chairperson Francis Ndilila said during the NHA press briefing yesterday that the authority will work closely with individuals living in areas designated to be renewed.
Dr Ndilila said the move for reviving of R&D unit is in a quest to avoid mushrooming shanty areas.
He said the NHA will take on baseline surveys of housing statistics in the country with a view to providing accurate information on national housing needs and affordability.
“The data from the surveys will be crucial in informing Government housing policy formulation and implementation and also feed in NHA housing and commercial property planning and implementation,” he said.
The R&D unit will also explore building technologies aimed at cutting construction costs and time, hence reducing on the selling prices for the houses.
Dr Ndilila said the authority is rebranding and repositioning itself to be able to perform its functions and achieve its mandate of delivering more affordable, decent and adequate domestic and commercial accomodation.
He said NHA is expanding its product base to include manufacturing and supplying of basic building materials such as concrete blocks, paving bricks, kerb stones, cement and building timber products for the authority to broaden its revenue.

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