NGOs registrar urged to work with CSOs

MINISTRY of Community and Development Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela (left) with Skillshare Consultancy Service Chief Executive officer Charles Mushitu during the launch of the Zambia Civil Society Organisations Directory in Lusaka yesterday. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI

MINISTER of Community Development Emerine Kabanshi has directed the registrar of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to work closely with the private sector to ensure that initiatives aimed at creating a well-coordinated NGO sector are supported by Government.

Ms Kabanshi has also urged NGOs in the country to adhere to legal provisions of notifying her ministry through the department of registrar of NGOs in an event that there is a change of registration details.
She said this in Lusaka yesterday in a speech read for her by Ministry of Community Development permanent secretary Howard Sikwela during the launch of the Zambia Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) directory whose idea has been mooted by Skill Share Consultancy Services.
“I also wish to take this opportunity to encourage all other CSOs that are currently not appearing in this directory to ensure that they enlist themselves. I can not overemphasis the benefits of appearing in this directory,” Ms Kabanshi said.
She said the launch of the directory will enable CSOs have their contact details widely disseminated, making it easier for the people they serve to have access to their services.
“This will enhance better working relationships among CSOs to lessen duplication of service delivery. The CSOs will also have unlimited access to the media and information,” Ms Kabanshi said.
She said it is against this background that the Patriotic Front (PF) in its 2016-2021 manifesto as promised to review the NGO Act following concerns by stakeholders on the operations of NGOs.
Ms Kabanshi said through the national NGO policy, Government also seeks to provide an environment which will enable the NGO sector to excel.
And Skill Share Consultancy Services chief executive officer Charles Mushitu said the directory has allocated each CSO a full A-5 page in full colour containing, among other things, the name of the organisation with original logo and pictures.


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