Letter to the Editor

Newly-promoted blind lecturers deserve support

Dear editor,
EMANATING from the article published on April 27, 2019, entitled ‘Hardworking Jobbicks Kalumba extolled’, Zambia Association of the Disabled (ZAD) sincerely continues expressing gratitude to this heart of fairness and justice in deployments, appointments and promotion that has come in the Ministry of General Education.
It is indeed amazing, wonderful and commendable to see Government, through the hardworking and unique permanent secretary, at this time responding in implementing both local and international declarations and pronouncements pertaining to rights and general affairs of people with disabilities that have been pending for so many years in this country.
We, therefore, urge other Government officials and managers in different private companies to emulate this spirit of fairness and justice in employing, appointing and promoting individuals, so that they all start considering everyone regardless of one’s disability. Yes, let every employer in Zambia start considering implementing the national theme ‘leaving no one behind. It is only then that people with disabilities in Zambia shall work with free minds, confidence and innovatively.
It is further our heartfelt plea to our able, concerned and generous father of the ministry, Dr Kalumba, to be vigilant on these institutions where newly- promoted officers with disabilities are.
Otherwise, his unrelenting effort of recognising these able men and women may be in vain due to lack of support and rejection from their supervisors in those institutions.
We are sure that he will not rest, but do everything possible to ensure that his most relegated individuals he has endorsed to the various positions are formally appointed and confirmed in appointment for them to keep on performing beyond human imaginations.
We furthermore sincerely and sternly appeal to all provincial education officers and principals manning educational regional offices and colleges, respectively, to cooperate and offer total and genuine holistic support to newly-promoted blind lecturers for them to work successfully.
Remember, there is no employee who can perform to the expected standard without real and honest support from supervisors. It is for this reason that we urge the responsible officers to render total support and care that these men and women deserve for them to work freely and joyously.
Finally, we honestly send an open and stern caution to all promoted individuals with disabilities throughout the country to uphold the spirit of hard work so as to prove fellow citizens that “disability is not inability”, otherwise you risk losing your positions.
ZAD secretary general

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