Letter to the Editor

New Employment Act to reduce production

Dear editor,
THE new Employment Code/ Act 2019 that was recently passed by Parliament favours the employees and not the employers. Therefore it promotes laziness and reduction in production.
Zambia is currently undergoing an economic setback. University of Zambia workers haven’t been paid, resulting in a go-slow.
Other firms are still facing salary issues and mineworkers are facing retrenchments.
Copperbelt University is still closed. It is sad that Government wants to implement such a degrading factor in the employment sector.
One of the amended parts in the Employment Code is the increase of maternity leave from three months to five months. Women are regarded as the weaker and protected beings in all sectors of development. Increasing maternity leave to five months only reduces the already reduced production in the country.
The other issue amended is that of management entitled to compensation for overtime.
Companies are facing retrenchments due to such measures whereby the money made by a company won’t be used for its expansion but will end up in management pockets due to overtime.
Another aspect is that of pregnant employees asking for a ‘lighter’ environment.
Those that have been deployed to work in some parts of the country will not wish to complete their contracts in those areas due to pregnancies.
That will affect the work culture and create redundancy in the development sector.
Law faculty president
Cavendish University Zambia

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