Letter to the Editor

Negligence on part of dog keepers must be addressed

Dear editor,
MY heartfelt condolences to the Phiri family on the loss of their eight-year-old son, who was killed by three German Shepherd dogs in Lusaka recently.
It’s sad to lose a young life in such a manner, knowing too well that such incidence could have been avoided if only the owner of the dogs made sure that they were tied or caged early in the morning on a daily basis.
In the same vein, I want to take this opportunity to air my concern on an incident I came across on a Monday afternoon as I was heading home from work.
This was in Kabwe, Pollen area, off Mwaiseni Road at a house with a pink wall fence.
The owner of this house has two big dogs probably boa-boo breed and a black house dog.
Whenever they open the gate for the cars to go in the yard, the dogs are the ones that come out.
As I was approaching this place, I had to wait for some good 10 minutes for the owner to go in.
The dogs were all over the place disturbing the free movement of passers-by.
I would like to urge the relevant authorities (Kabwe Town Council) to come in and caution such residents because they disturb the peace of their neighbours.

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