Negative publicity on Zambia worrying

THE Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) is concerned about the growing negative publicity about Zambia, saying this will impact negatively on the country’s credit and economic ranking.

CTPD acting executive director Isaac Mwaipopo said the harmful sentiments which have penetrated international media platforms will derail economic development for the country.

Mr Mwaipopo said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail recently that negative stories on Zambia being aired on some international media are denting the image of the country.
“It is my sincere hope that the current situation will not affect prospects for accessing the needed support from the international community as credit ratings may get affected with the growing negative political outlook which in turn affects Government’s ability to borrow from cooperating partners such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
“Zambia is currently negotiating with the IMF for financial support. failure to conclude the bailout package for whatever reasons might have severe implications for the country’s economy as the IMF bailout stands to be one option that could help improve Zambia’s credit rating,” he said.
Mr Mwaipopo said governance rating is one important element used in determining a country’s ability to access financial support.
He said there is need for Zambia to address important issues such as the growing cost of doing business that borders on the lives of people.
Mr Mwaipopo has therefore advised the public to avoid getting entangled in political matters or personal pursuits at the expense of addressing socio-economic challenges that the country is grappling with.


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