‘We need enough stock during fish ban period’

THE Department of Fisheries has intensified fish farming country-wide to ensure there is enough fish stock during the fish ban period.
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock deputy director in the Department of Fisheries John Mwango said Government is eager in assisting farmers wishing to go into fish farming.
In an interview in Samfya recently, Mr Mwango said fish farming is a lucrative business that farmers should seriously consider venturing into.
“Let people who want to engage in this kind of farming business consult our qualified personnel who are always willing to render their technical support.
“The department is now promoting fish farming as this will sustain the livelihood of the farmers,” he said.
Mr Mwango commended other organisations that are supporting the enhancement of fish farming in the country such as the Luapula Agricultural and Rural Development II (PLAD II).
PLAD II has been partnering with the government in promoting fish farming and also safeguarding of the fish ban.
Mr Mwango has since appealed to Zambians to observe the fish ban period by not engaging themselves in illegal fishing activities.
“It’s not like Government wants to punish people during this period. It just wants to preserve fish in our rivers and lakes because this is the period that fish breeds, and if people continue fishing, they will be catching those with eggs or fingerings and this will deplete the fish,” Mr Mwango said.

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