Letter to the Editor

We need a Barclays Bank ATM at Levy

Dear editor,
I AM a Barclays Bank account holder. The setting up of automated teller machines (ATMs) in locations nearer the customers has made things easier for customers. There is a lot of traffic around the city and I can imagine what it would be like to get into town to access a bank. Indeed technology has changed the way we do things.
However, sometimes I think we are slow to embrace technology. It is disappointing to find that at a place where you would expect to find a Barclays ATM, is it not there, while at other places, there are more ATMs than necessary.
While it is like that at Arcades where there three ATMs, there is no single Barclays Bank ATM at Levy Park Mall. I scour the place and see other ATMs but not a Barclays Bank one.
Once there was an ATM across Kabelenga Road, but it was shut down and the place is now hosting another type of business.
I also want to say there is no need to have ATMs that are not dependable. I have in mind the one at a filling station on Chilumbulu Road and another in Chilenje at a small shopping mall  on Kasama Road. These ATMs are out of order for most of the time and I always consider it a miracle when I find them working.
Disappointed customer

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