‘Need for agro, livestock ministries to be proactive’

THERE is need for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries to be proactive in delivering agricultural extension services to smallholder farmers in the district to enhance productivity.
Kafue senior agricultural officer Monica Mulenga made the appeal to the ministry staff.
Mrs Mulenga said extension service providers need to be more practical when implementing agricultural services if they are to help reduce hunger, improve food security, nutrition and income levels for the smallholder farmers in the country.
This is contained in a Zambia National Farmers Union Friday brief obtained by the Daily Mail on Monday.
“The overall goal of the WIMAC project is to help women lead better lives through training, market access and career opportunities, ultimately allowing them access to the economic opportunities they deserve,” she said.
The training attracted extension officers at camp and block level from Kafue, Chilanga, Lusaka west and ZNFU office in Kafue also participated.
Meanwhile, Kafue acting district commissioner Mwanji Chellah advised farmers to use conservation farming practices to achieve better yields.
Mr Chellah said the meteorological department have predicted that Kafue district will receive normal to below normal rainfall for the 2015/16 farming season hence the need for farmers to implement climate change response strategy.
He urged farmers to diversify and look at growing alternative crops other than maize, as the effects of climate change are being experienced more now.

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