Ndola council confiscates 123 lottery, gaming machines

NDOLA City Council (NCC) has confiscated over 123 lottery and gaming machines from five Chinese companies for operating without casino licences.
Council public relations officer Roy Kuseka said yesterday that the lottery and gaming machines that were confiscated on Monday  from Bonanza, City Casino, Golden Coast Investments, XF Investments and Violet Blue Investments.
Mr Kuseka said the local authority will not release the lottery and gaming machines until the owners meet the conditions stipulated in the laws on gambling.
“We are not going to release the machines until the owners present us with proper business and lottery licences from the State Lotteries Board,’’ Mr Kuseka said.
He said the local authority was compelled to confiscate the machines because they were becoming a nuisance in most townships.
“Most of these machines were put either on the streets or near schools and children under the age of 18 years were not restricted,’’ Mr Kuseka said.
He said the local authority is not against this investment but that those wishing to establish casinos and gambling businesses should operate within the law.
He said the confiscated machines should be in casinos and restricted to people above the age of 18.

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