NCZ delivers 72,000mt of fertiliser to 75 districts

NITROGEN Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) has produced and delivered over 72,000 metric tonnes of compound D fertiliser to 75 districts.
NCZ chief executive officer Zuze Banda said the company has so far produced 72,737.65 metric tonnes and delivered 71,404 metric tonnes of fertiliser to the districts.
Mr Banda said NCZ will by November this year complete production of the targeted 106,409.95 tonnes and distribution to 103 districts.
“Whatever we produce, we don’t store but immediately deliver and the trucks are always outside waiting to deliver,” Mr Banda said.
He said NCZ is targeting to deliver first to districts where rains start early.
Mr Banda said this in Kafue yesterday when Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry permanent secretary Siazongo Siakalenge toured the NCZ plant.
Mr Banda said NCZ has been innovative by buying train wagons to ease transportation challenges.
He also said NCZ has engaged African Explosive Limited to start picking Ammonium Nitrate  and discussions on the verification of quality of the product have started.
“Samples have been tested here and in South Africa,” Mr Banda said.
He also said NCZ has engaged Solar Explochem and Orica to buy the product and pricing will be concluded by next week.
“Limitation shall be the movement of Ammonia. With the current set up of running 30 rail tankers, we can move 2,400 metric tonnes of Ammonia and produce 4,000 metric tonnes per month, “he said.
Mr Banda said NCZ intends to purchase 20 more rail tankers to improve haulage capacity.
He said NCZ expects to earn K300 million from this project.
“We are targeting neighbouring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo to bring in foreign exchange in the country,” Mr Banda said.
Mr Banda said NCZ is in need of more tankers to bring in materials for Ammonium Nitrate.
“The biggest problem facing NCZ is working capital but the company is confident that things will change by next year,” he said.
And Mr Siakalenge said the issue of working capital can be ironed out as some banks are interested in working with NCZ because it has grown.
He said the trust and confidence demonstrated by the employees at NCZ is inspiring.
Mr Siakalenge said many people did not believe that NCZ has capacity to produce and deliver fertiliser across the country.
“It is important that you expand your operations beyond the production of fertiliser,” Mr Siakalenge said.

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