Letter to the Editor

Natsave empowering small rural businesses

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend the National Savings and Credit Bank (Natsave) for extending financial support to small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in rural areas.
I was touched to watch on ZNBC-TV a business in Luwingu who got a K30,000 loan from the bank explaining how the money has helped him grow his business.
The man has even managed to build a lodge in the district.
According to the businessman, after getting the loan, he expanded his shop and increased the quantity of goods he was buying from Lusaka for resale.
This is a shining example of how beneficial indigenous institutions are to the local people.
Natsave is a government -owned bank, which means it is not driven by the desire to make profit but to provide a service to the citizens first.
It is reaching out to businesses in rural districts where the foreign-owned multinational commercial banks have been reluctant to go.
I would like to commend government, through the Ministry of Finance, for injecting fresh capital into this important institution.
Natsave needs more support from government so that it can continue empowering small businesses in rural areas which do not have access to affordable credit.

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