Nations seal Paris Agreement on Climate Change

A TOTAL of 175 member states of the United Nations (UN) have signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at a special signature ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.
This is according to a statement issued yesterday by first secretary for press and public relations at the Zambian Permanent Mission to the UN Chibaula Silwamba.
Mr Silwamba said several world leaders participated in the signing ceremony and reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring that the historic agreement was implemented for the benefit of the current and future generations.
And presiding over the ceremony in the General Assembly Hall, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said climate action offers many benefits and could help eradicate poverty, create green jobs, defeat hunger, prevent instability and improve the lives of girls and women.
“Today is a day that I have worked towards since day one as Secretary-General of the United Nations and declared climate change to be my top priority. Today you are signing a new covenant with the future,” Mr Ban said.

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