Letter to the Editor

National Restoration Party observation spot on

Dear editor,
NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) spokesperson Bwalya Nondo is right when he says political parties in this country have neglected important issues like job creation, but are spending time planning things that will not benefit citizens (Zambia Daily Mail, Thursday March 8, 2018, p.3).
In all their activities, politicians’ major focus should be eradication of poverty, which currently affects a large segment of our population.
Anything that does not add value to the well-being of citizens is simply retrogressive. Unnecessary plots like the impeachment of the President, planning to bar candidates from contesting the presidency for a certain number of times through changing the Constitution, among others, will never help improve people’s standards of living.
Zambians want to see an opposition that will concentrate on providing workable solutions to the many problems the country is faced with. On the other hand, politicians in power are expected to fulfil their campaign promises and empower citizens economically.
We expect our parliamentarians, both from the ruling and opposition parties, to prove that they have the majority citizens’ interests by raising motions, bills and enacting legislation and engaging in debates that are progressive.
Your electorate want development in which they are fully involved and empowered. All non-progressive issues should be left where they belong – in the streets.

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