Nasty D in ‘Mudanso’ visuals


ZAMBEZI music maestro Nasty D has released a video for the song Mudanso, a song that was recorded at Kula Studios in Lusaka with veteran Brian Shakarongo as the producer and Elijah Tembo on the backing vocals.

The song, which is on the Zambezi Nafuti Nafuti album, is meant to lighten the mood of listeners who may be facing different pressures of life.
“The song is both for the young and old, it’s a kind of song which people listen to away from their daily activities,” Nasty D, who just came back from the United Kingdom, says.
The video was shot and directed by Rattle Pictures with the help of Xhizi and the location of the shoot was in Lusaka’s Chazanga township with comedian Ndumbwi and his company of actors featuring in the video.
If anything, Mudanso is a Nyanja slang word meaning a dance. And in the video, that’s exactly what you get. Nasty D plays the role of pied piper who goes round the township hypnotizing people from different walks of life to dance to his tune.
“The song is meant to make people forget about their problems and dance out any stress they’re undergoing,” Nasty D explains.
And the Aitaya singer says while in London, he managed to produce two additional videos off his Zambezi Nafuti Nafuti album, which he will be releasing to the public in a fortnight.
He says the trip to London made him realise that his music can actually go international because of its African touch.
“I had a great time in London, I met serious veterans of African music, I was shocked knowing that people loved my music and I think just the natural African touch thrilled them,” he explained.
Nasty promises his fans more Zambezi music this year as he is preparing to lunch two albums, Zambezi Nafuti Nafuti and Zambezi Nekafye, at the end of the year.
“Music is like wine, the older the musician gets, the better they become,” he says. “My fans should look out for the best of me this year.”

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