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Napsa, Forest Rangers offside

Soccer Review with STEPHEN PHIRI
NAPSA Stars and Forest Rangers have dismissed their coaches barely seven games into the season, which decisions I do not agree with.
Yes, I know the hazards of the coaching profession; I understand fully that coaches must ensure their teams perform or they will face the sack. But my argument is very simple. Even a team that loses seven games still has a mathematical chance of winning the title.
Forest Rangers, for instance, only lost four games. What manner of wisdom did the executive use to fire a coach who drops 12 points or so at the beginning of the season?
Some of these executives have no idea about their roles; they believe they need to wield some kind of authority by firing and hiring hapless coaches. No gentlemen, your role is to ensure there is adequate investment in the club. By investment, I mean a usable infrastructure such as a stadium.
How many players did executives at Napsa and Forest buy for the coach to achieve his objective and what motivation were these players given?
Where do these players live and what mode of transport do they use to get to the training ground? What is the training and winning bonus?
For all I know, coaches Wilson Mwale (Napsa) and Kaunda Simonda (Forest) were given little of no resources to build the team yet the executive wanted them to perform miracles.
Coaches are not miracle workers. If anyone is looking for miracles, they can have a chat with angel Gabriel, not Mwale and Simonda. Perhaps the closest they can get to a miracle worker is Claude Ranieri, the Leicester City coach who won the English Premiership title despite odds at 5,000-1.
Colleagues, who knew Leicester before this season? Some of you may claim to but you may not even pronounce the word Leicester. You probably say Lesester instead of Lester.
Bottom line is that Napsa and Forest executives have gotten it all wrong; they want to blame coaches on issues they should be the ones to take the blame.
How long are we going to mistreat coaches in Zambia, just how long? What is the role of the Zambia Football Coaches Association? Is it just a worthless bulldog?
I know it’s not a union but it must speak out when coaches are being ill-treated by people who think they understand football administration.
Who will save these poor coaches? Is it the Football Association of Zambia? I doubt.
Perhaps I should take to the streets and do a small demo. I will be in full gear; I mean I will be in a tracksuit.
Save the coaches and let’s keep interacting on sphiri@daily-mail.co.zm, phiristeve4@gmail.com  

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