Nabvutika: Township defined by troubled past

LEFT to right: Peter Mwanza, Watson Muwowo and Josephat Banda. Picture right, part of Nabvutika township in Chipata.

IN PRIMITIVE disdain, Nabvutika township in Chipata city is supposed to be a troubled settlement, but residents speak of it as being peaceful.
To a first-time visitor, the professed serenity in the township suggests a difficult life immersed in a sense of resignation among its inhabitants.
Like any unplanned settlement, the township represents a lot of interesting contradictions. In essence, it depicts what a village becomes when it is very close to the trappings of a city.
Kapata Ward councillor Naphtali Banda reveals that in a way, the township still stands on customary land, where Chief Kapatamoyo’s village once stood.
There are both gravel and tarred streets in Nabvutika bustling with life every time of the day.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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