Mwanakatwe declares Lusaka Central cholera-free zone

LUSAKA Central member of Parliament Margaret Mwanakatwe has declared a zero tolerance to cholera in her constituency.
Mrs Mwanakatwe, who is Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, said in an interview on Friday that she wants to make Lusaka Central the cleanest and cholera-free area in the country.
“I launched a campaign called ‘Do it ourselves campaign’, which is aimed at improving the cleanliness of the constituency and also changing people’s mindset towards issues of hygiene.
“Cleanliness is a matter of great concern to every one of us and must be taken seriously so that we are free from diseases,” Mrs Mwanakatwe said.
She said the campaign is also aimed at inculcating positive change in people living in areas that are usually prone to cholera in her constituency.
Mrs Mwanakatwe said the problem of cholera has been a matter of great concern, especially in Bauleni township.
“Bauleni is usually the most affected area when it comes to the outbreak of cholera. My hope is that this campaign will change people’s attitudes in as far as taking care of the surroundings is concerned,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mrs Mwanakatwe has expressed happiness about people’s response to the campaign.
She said the campaign will later spread to other parts of Lusaka to ensure that cholera outbreaks become a thing of the past.

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