MUZ receives praise for maintianing harmony in sector


FORMER Kalulushi member of Parliament (MP) Rayford Mbulu says efforts by the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) in maintaining industrial harmony and tranquility in the mining sector in the past year are commendable.
Mr Mbulu, who is also MUZ life president, said in Kitwe recently that mine workers can only benefit from their toil if their leaders maintain harmony in the industry even in the midst of diverse challenges.
“You can only negotiate for better conditions of service in a harmonious environment, so I would like to commend the leadership of MUZ for maintaining peace and tranquility. This is a virtue we shall certainly remember them for,” Mr Mbulu said.
He said industrial harmony is also important in ensuring that production targets are met.
“If the sector experiences frequent work stoppages, production targets cannot be met and if targets are not met, it can be difficult for the mine workers to negotiate for improved conditions of service,” he said.
And Mr Mbulu encouraged the MUZ leadership to continue building on it’s gains because growth can only be achieved with consistency.
He said consistency in leadership enables people to gain different skills in negotiations and industrial relations and that the knowledge helps the union to be distinct from others.
Mr Mbulu urged mine workers to continue being united and speak with one voice because unity can help them address numerous challenges facing the sector.

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