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Mutafu claims set Football House on fire


GEORGE Mpombo would have called allegations of insider dealings and corruption at Football House a brouhaha, and he would not have been far off the mark.
The Football House is really on fire and the proverbial roof is curving in, not because there is anything authentic about the serious allegations but because they are coming from a big fish, really big – treasurer.
Kelvin Mutafu dropped the bombshell the other day, alleging that there are suspicious dealings within the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), in particular with regard to ticketing and national team dresser Nike.
While FAZ were drafting a barbed response to the threadbare attacks, Mutafu had already eluded the noose, announcing that he had called time on his service to football, at least for now.
I had a chance to look at the allegations and I must admit they are very serious because he calls the association corrupt and that he would not be part of a team that is milking football resources.
There is absolutely nothing wrong to be a whistleblower in matters of corruption.
In fact, the Anti-Corruption Commission encourages whistleblowing so that public resources can be protected.
Big brother Mutafu has told the whole world that there is something wrong at Football House; he has spilled the beans, if you like.
The next step is that he should account for all the allegations. Put differently, he must substantiate the highly libelous claims.
Mutafu was treasurer and his sentiments about the abuse of money can generally be believed.
That is why he must have his facts right. Not only that, he must have evidence, preferably documented.
Should that be the case, there are relevant bodies that deal with issues of corruption and Mutafu is free to escalate the matter.
I hope his allegations were not inspired by the fact that there are FAZ elections next year and he must besmirch the character of others to stand a chance.
Just wondering why big brother Mutafu has chosen to wash dirty linen in public and his hitherto bedfellows.
Has he fallen out of favour and just wants to spill the beans from an empty bag?
I am of the view that Mutafu owes the nation more information on his allegations.
Whether he has resigned or not, the FAZ executive should still summon him to justify his allegations because they are serious.
Having followed FAZ elections for about two decades now, I have come to learn that allegations of such nature are commonplace in election years.
People cast aspersions against their competitors to merely or is it severely dent their image. Such should never be the case and such people should never be allowed to run affairs of our football, much as those involved in corruption, if any.
Football, as I have always said, is a game of rules and Mutafu is ideally scoring against his own team, much as his revelations should not be ignored.
We must also be honourable enough to resign if we do not agree with the bigger team, which is what Mutafu has done.
But let’s not resign months before the elections because that raises questions about why one serves in a supposedly corrupt executive and only leaves months before the elections.
He may be accused of wanting to play angel to attract sympathy. I hope that’s not the case with Mutafu but let’s listen to him, just in case he has a point.,

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