Musika boosts Zambian Breweries’ cassava collection

Cassava plant.

MUSIKA, a non-profit organisation that works to stimulate private sector investment, has given Zambian Breweries two trucks under a grant agreement that will boost the cassava supply chain in Mansa.
Currently, Zambian Breweries buys cassava from growers through its agent GroAfrica for the production of Eagle Lager which has provided a reliable market for the crop and encouraged more farmers to cultivate it.
Receiving the vehicles, Zambian Breweries’ agricultural manager Chris Nicolle said the company is grateful for the gesture by Musika, which is expected to improve the movement of cassava from the farmers to the depots.
Mr Nicolle said the company has been in discussion with Musika, which is part of the cassava project aimed at promoting commercialisation of the crop in Mansa and Luapula as a whole.
“Zambian Breweries has received two new utility vehicles that will go a long way to boosting the supply of cassava by providing for its transportation as well as supporting cassava small-scale farmers based in Mansa. For this cassava development initiative, Musika came to us [Zambian Breweries]…,” Mr Nicolle said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail yesterday.
Handing over the vehicles, Musika operations director Joshua Munkombwe said farmers in Mansa were facing challenges in transporting cassava from aggregated points to depots.
Mr Munkombwe said the intention is to help Zambian Breweries source cassava from small-scale farmers for the production of the company’s affordable Eagle Lager.
“Musika’s mandate is to see that farmers move out of poverty and so the initiative that Zambian Breweries is proposing to develop the cassava market in Mansa is important for the majority of small-scale farmers,” he said.

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