Letter to the Editor

Munkombwe: Zambia robbed of seasoned politician

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA has in the recent past continued losing seasoned politicians through untimely deaths.The demise of Daniel Munkombwe last Friday is a huge loss to the family and indeed the nation at large.
Uncle Daniel, as he was popularly called in political circles and by his peers, will surely be missed for his gallant openness and frank talk when it comes to Zambian politics.
He was the only politician who openly embraced the politics of the belly with openness.
That was though mainly said as a joke but he actually knew that Zambian politicians are advancing politics of the belly instead of politics of service delivery to the people.
Politicians become overnight billionaires when aligned to the corridors of power, he once said.
He will surely be greatly missed for that boldness and his jovial mood always.
May his soul rest in peace.

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