Mumena dishes land

Chief Mumena

CHIEF Mumena of the Kaonde people of North-Western Province has provided about 2,000 hectares of land in the Mumena Initiative Farm Block to people who want to engage in

Chief Mumena said in an interview yesterday that the decision is meant to empower people with land to enable them to engage in income-generating activities to create jobs and reduce poverty and hunger in their communities.
He said the land is about five kilometres from the highway at Tundula making it easier for the farmers to transport their farm produce to the markets.
Chief Mumena commended one youth, Michael Mbindu, who after graduating from Mulungushi University decided to return to the village and take up agriculture as a career option.
“He did agriculture economics and has set up his own business. He is doing Moringa. The young man has even employed three youths that are working with him,” Chief Mumena said.


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