Multi-facility economic zone receives $36m

THE Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone (LS-MFEZ) has received pledged investment of about US$36 million in the first half of the year.
The sectors in which the firms are investing are in commercial, agro-food processing, marble processing, pharmaceuticals, electricals and electronics.
Out of the US$36 million, around US$21 million has been invested by Shetty and Nayak Investment Limited, Afrizam Electrical Equipment Limited and Ameya Mable Limited in the first half of the year.
From 2015 to 2017, LS-MFEZ has received US$29 million pledged investment with Global Logistics Limited expected to invest US$12 million while US$17 million will be from Asian Medicos Investment Limited.
In an interview yesterday, LS-MFEZ managing director Mukela Lubasi said the five firms have already cleared the site and READ MORE

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