Mukanga launches roads project

MINISTER of Works and Supply Yamfwa Mukanga has launched phase two of the national road tolling programme aimed at mobilising domestic revenue for the development and maintenance of the road infrastructure in the country.
Phase two of tolling programme is expected to take off on December 1.
Speaking at the launch yesterday, Mr Mukanga said Government, through the Road Development Agency (RDA), has raised K545 million in toll fees in the last two years.
The money from the toll fees is being applied towards maintenance of the core road network and construction of new roads.
Mr Mukanga said phase two of the tolling programme will cover all vehicle classifications, including small ones.
He said: “This move will help us to increase the collection of revenue for road maintenance and construction.”
Mr Mukanga said the mandate to collect toll fees which, until now, has been the responsibility of the RDA will be moved to the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA), which is the fund manager of the road sector in Zambia.
This means the Tolls Act No 14 of 2011 that established RDA as a tolls authority will be amended to transfer the responsibility to the NRFA.
The minister said in the transition period, the NRFA has been appointed as a toll agent by RDA for inland tolling while the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) will continue to perform its function as a toll agent at ports of entry.
“It is hoped that these interim arrangements will facilitate the transition of toll collection from RDA to NRFA,” Mr Mukanga said.
Government, through RDA, launched phase one of the tolling programme in November 2013, and was collecting toll fees from all vehicles above 6.5 tonnes.
And RDA chairperson Samuel Mukupa said the broad objectives of the tolling programmes include broadening the financial options for road infrastructure, renewing and keeping the core road network in maintainable conditions at all times.

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