Letter to the Editor

Mufulira developers ‘mourn’ demolitions

Dear editor,
THROUGH this newspaper allow us to address the government of the republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.
We know that you may be already aware of what we are writing about here.
We, the victims of the demolished houses in Kalukanya area in Mufulira, have been treated as if Zambia is not our home land.
We feel as if we are not Zambians. The treatment that we have received at the hands of the council after the pulling down of structures is not good.
We have many questions that need answers.
Since the town clerk has failed to give us access to information and to meet us, maybe through your office, this can be done so that we clear our minds and just remain with the pain of losing our hard-earned money that we put into the buildings the council callously demolished.
We have wondered why the council approved building plans and issued building permits on the land it is claiming to be illegal.
We have also wondered why the council did not inform the general public that it was receiving funds from unknown sources in the treasury.
The building permits and building plans bear the signatures and official date stamps of the council, and no notice had been given that the council had lost the official date stamps.
Council machinery and personnel were used to mark out the plots on this land, which has now been marked as “illegal”.
We remain with hope that the government is for the common people and that it will consider our humble request favourably.
We remain loyal citizens.

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