Muddling through food insecurity

FILE: RELIEF food supplies being off-loaded in Gwembe.

PRISCA Mwendabai and her family live in Gwembe district of Southern Province where perennial droughts have decimated the family’s maize production. The poor rain pattern experienced in the district last rainy season has left many homes with little or no food at all.
“Years back, we were able to predict the weather pattern and whenever we planted, we always harvested enough food that took us through to the next season. Today is different; the weather is unpredictable and it has resulted in us having low yields,” Ms Mwendabai, 38, said.
“Almost every household is affected, we are hungry and mostly we depend on wild fruits for survival. I cannot say that next year will be better because I cannot predict anymore. Rain comes when we do not expect it,” she shared.
Like Ms Mwendabai, most peasant farmers in Southern Province have been negatively affected by droughts and floods, resulting in poor crop production.
According to the United Nations (UN), Zambia has experienced some of its worst droughts and floods in the last two decades which have affected the quality of life for vulnerable groups such as smallholder farmers.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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