Muchinga teachers row over buses

THE National Action for Quality Education in Zambia [NAQEZ] executive Director Aaron Chansa has accused the provincial education officer in Muchinga Province Ruth Zulu of forcing teachers to contribute towards the purchase of two buses for her office.

Mr Chansa says teachers in administration will be required to donate K300 while class teachers will contribute K50 each. “NAQEZ finds this activity highly odd and abusive. We therefore call upon the Minister of Education to immediately put a stop to this unusual phenomenon” he said.
Mr Chansa argues that it has never been the responsibility of teachersto buy vehicles for the ministry. “Even if it was their responsibility, it is not ideal to ask teachers to contribute money now as they are going through hard economic times,” he said.

Mr Chansa also appealed to the Teaching Councilof Zambia (TCZ) to allow teachers pay for their practising certificate fees in instalments and extend the deadline to December 2018.
However, sources from the provincial education officer in Muchinga refuted the allegations saying no teacher is being forced to make any donation towards the purchase of the buses. “What happened is that teachers, union leaders and headteachers came together and suggested that we make contributions towards the purchase of two buses that will help us during funerals and attend to other activities in the province requiring transportation,” the source said.
“We face so many transportation challenges to an extent of failing to attend meetings outside the province or attend funerals of fellow teachers’’, he said.

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