Letter to the Editor

Mtendere residents a let-down

Dear editor,
JUST what is wrong with residents of Mtendere township in Lusaka?Not long ago, they complained bitterly about lack of police presence amidst attacks and rapes by the unruly Fluffies – a notorious gang resembling the Tokota boys of Kitwe.
The no-nonsense police officers swung into action and nabbed 16 boys, but they could not be charged and taken to court for prosecution as there was no complainant from the community.
Now that the boys have been set free, the residents are calling on Government to send soldiers to deal with the boys.
What is clear is that these boys are well known by the residents. They have parents within the compound but for fear of being the next victim, residents have remained mute but want justice to prevail.
It is for this reason that I write to express my displeasure in the manner these men and women are hiding important information from the police.
May I inform Mtendere residents that, for as long as they hide such important data, then the Fluffies will have a field day, attacking them as long as they wish.
No soldier will come to their rescue. Our able police are equal to the task but you have decided not to work with them.
So next time you attacked, keep quiet

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