Letter to the Editor

MPs should visit constituencies

Dear editor,
THE call by President Edgar Lungu for members of Parliament to visit their respective constituencies is important despite falling on deaf ears. The head of State stressed that this is essential because it will accord the lawmakers an opportunity to explain the government policies to the people.

The people will also have an opportunity to interact with their MPs and explain the problems in the constituency to them, and how best to resolve them by working together.
It is not enough to see the lawmakers during campaigns to lobby for votes. This practice is not good as it undermines President Lungu’s dream of delivering development to all parts of the country.
We voted for these MPs to work and deliver development to our constituencies. I have no problem with the lawmakers who have heeded President Lungu’s call to visit their constituencies.
My concern is about those MPs who don’t find time to visit their constituencies. How are they going to fulfil their campaign promises of delivering development? This question is their food for thought.
Some MPs give the excuse that they are very busy by virtue of holding ministerial positions. However, they should emulate the hard-working lawmakers like Minister of Justice Given Lubinda, Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo, Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba and Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya, among others.
The above-named lawmakers find time to visit their constituencies despite their very busy work schedule.
If truth be told, it is this one: Matero MP Lloyd Kaziya, who doesn’t visit his constituency.
He is different from his predecessor, Miles Sampa, the former deputy minister of Commerce.
Mr Sampa initiated and implemented a number of development projects.
He started working immediately he became the Matero MP.
It is high time Mr Kaziya started visiting his constituency in line with President Lungu’s call for the MPs to visit their constituencies.


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